Friday, October 19, 2007

About Jollence Lee

Photo By: John Prudente
I am a photographer based in Kota Kinabalu Sabah who had interest in almost every kind of media works which comprise of videography, website design, creative design, commercial advertising and so on. With pretty much of that, my core of business are still photography. I love to take a challenge especially when having a new horizon in everything that interest me. I love traveling coz it open up my mind. Getting new ideas and documenting it is what i do when i'm traveling. 

My gear 
I used a Nikon professional system for all my works. The quality output images that it produced never failed to impressed me. I'm also a season speakers for some Nikon workshops, mostly for East Malaysia side including Brunei.

Mobile: +6013-8594775    email: .
Some of my work has been publish in a photography magazines and also in some websites.


Paul said...

wow, your, is just AMAZING! I wouldn't believe it can be done such a thing with blogspot. Is it still free? It's a really professional website!

Paul said...

I managed to make some changes to my blog, in order to look like yours. But I still don't know how to put javascript code (for slides) in POSTS. Could you please give me a tip?

Jollence Lee said...

Hi Paul, sorry for taking a long time to respond. Perhaps you can use a flickr viewer here is the link.

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